Features Overview

The content of this website is intended to nourish creative thoughts with practical application of ideas and processes.    The topics covered will fall under three categories.   The 1st is micro concepts with the intention of growing ideas.   The second is macro sentiment to apply concepts to a larger time frame.   The final category will be a personal touch of experiences in the academic field.    In the end the expansion of one’s knowledge base is the ultimate goal, so please enjoy.


Micro Concepts

The posts that fall under this topic are designed as building blocks to help the reader build on theoretical frameworks that can be applied to provoke thoughts and/or daily  processes.  The subject matter can be books, articles or theories that can be applied for everyday use.

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Macro Sentiment   

These posts will take a bigger time frame but help frame larger trends in our environment.    Several concepts can role into a greater depiction of what is occurring in our country or our planet.   The subject matter can be the application of micro concepts or historical parallelisms

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Personal Touch

These posts will be about my personal experiences by combining theoretical knowledge with professional experiences.   You might hear war stories from the classroom or my hobbies.   This is designed to help people navigate life’s lessons before they become too difficult.