Never Judge a Book by its Cover but what about its Back Cover?

At my graduation for a PhD in computational linguistic our key note speaker was Mother

Theresa. She had recently given $192,000 to charity. This occurred in 1979, which was no easy feat at

the time when the median household income was under $15,000. How did she do it? Mother Theresa

had won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in combating poverty, which she emphasized through her

actions as she believed poverty was a direct threat to peace. The speech she presented, gave hope and

compassion and was very inspirational. Once it was over, time had flown by, and what I though was 5

minutes was closer to an hour-long speech. When I arrived at the ceremony, I was known as Ms. Fischer

and when I headed home in my 1966 white mustang designed by Lee Iacocca, I was Dr. Fischer. I did not

think I changed that much at the time, but it took 23 years to realize the change that occurred in me. It

was the back of a book called Power Vs Force that brought this to light.

Walking through a book store in 2003 I stumbled across a gem. Its title caught my attention as it

was a play on words Power Vs Force, as to which provided a higher level of impact and positivity. I

picked up the book and flipped it over and it reminded me of my graduation day. The back cover of the

book instantly took me back to my drive home and the change that occurred in me. It was

recommended by both Mother Theresa and Lee Iacocca! One was a Nobel Peace prize winner and the

other a titan of industry. With such a contrast of reviews, I bought the book and took it home. The

book is filled with informational treasures but one that I want to bring to your attention today is the

scale Dr. Hawkins the author used to define levels of consciousness. It was broken down into clear

distinct levels. The levels are as follows:

Hawkins, D. (2014}. Power vs Force. Carlsbad, California: Hay House

Hawkins, D. (2014}. Power vs Force. Carlsbad, California: Hay House

The scale is based upon the level consciousness that we as humans operate within. There are a

few notable levels to point out. The first level of consciousness that can have a positive outcome is

anger which calibrates at 125. Anger can help us overcome hurdles in life and push through boundaries

that once limited us. But it comes at a price and uses too much energy to be sustained. Courage which

is calibrated at 200 is what the Military instills through its training and is the main objective of its boot

camps. I have been teaching for over 30 years and I can tell instantly when a student has a military back

ground. Not only am I grateful for there service to our country but the approach they take to their


Reason which calibrates at the level of 400 is where a major barrier stands for humanity. Many

scholars and philosophers throughout human history stop here. They become truth seekers and

explorers that bring order to the unknown and present it for generations to come, and it lasts until a

better realization takes its place.

The levels of consciousness can be blended, and we can experience many at the same time. For

example, Archimedes had a major scientific break through while taking a bath. The story is best known

as a “Eureka” moment. He noticed the displacement of water while getting into a bath. He discovered

the volume of his body must be equal in volume of water he just displaced. In his excitement he

jumped out of his bath and started running through the streets of ancient Syracuse naked and extremely

excited telling everyone about his discovery.

Archimedes’ behavior is best described by Dr Hawkins scale of consciousness as Joy. By using a

state of consciousness calibrated as Reason, Archimedes used it and passed the conscious state of love

and went directly to Joy. This in the end might have been a bit embarrassing but the story has lasted for

1000 years.

On a final note I want to take you back to my drive home as Dr. Fischer when I realized my

consciousness level changed as I went deeper into the field of academia. I started with a desire for a

PhD and used many levels of consciousness to work my way through it. I had to use Reason to process

information and cumulate it into a thesis. Once it was completed and I was on my way home I was in a

conscious state of Joy. Of course, unlike Archimedes, I kept my clothes on as I drove down the parkway.

Lest We Forget

I would like to share this 12-minute video on the anniversary of 9/11 as there are many lessons to be learned.  We see the heroism of average people who stepped up to the crisis, but what struck me as the most important lesson was the last speaker’s remark about not wanting to have to say the phrase, “I should have”.  If you do it and fail, you know you tried but if you do it and succeed, the better for you.    It is amazing what we can accomplish by just trying.