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A little about me.....

I am a computer specialist by degree and profession. My goal in life is to live in a house in the woods with no one else around for miles, where I can just read and teach online. Well, I have almost realized my goal as I live in a house in the woods, can read all I want, and have the internet to teach online!

I have always felt fortunate in earning a Ph.D. in computational linguistics from Georgetown University that led to a successful career as head of Information Systems at the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency. As a socially responsible member of society,  I believe we must  give back to society by helping those who have not been as fortunate. I  am doing this by teaching first-year college courses and motivating students in the pursuit of their dreams. 

Although my career was in IT, my heart is in teaching. Thanks to the advancement in technology, I can follow both passions by using IT to teach online; hence, the purpose of this blog is to share articles and thoughts on how to deliver quality online education.

I am married to a wonderful man for 48 years (yeah, a record) and have three children; one living in France, a second in Maryland, and the third bridging both countries.